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Commerce Essays

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Ethical Perspectives in Business

I will briefly outline two types of theoretical approach to ethics and their implications: principle-based approaches, and character and relationship-based

Samsung Organisational Structure

Samsung Electronics has a mechanistic organizational structure as it has rigid hierarchical relationships and tall organizational structure.

Samsung Performance Appraisal

Performance appraisal is the process of collecting, observing and analyzing the recorded information about the relative worth of an employee.

BP Corporate Governance

The concept of corporate governance is the system by which business corporation are directed and controlled. The three main aspect of good …

Four Seasons’ Change Management

The report provides analyses of the process of installation of core Four Season’s values into the French environment. It also compares Four seasons…

Howard Stringer’s Sony Leadership

The report is an evaluation of the organization structure implemented by Sir Howard Stringer in October 2005. The …

Oxfam Marketing Analysis

This assignment will discuss various activities of what Oxfam does and how this organisation raise money including fundraising campaign…

Nissan Change Implementation

The aim of this report is to discuss and evaluate the factors affecting the implementation of change in Nissan Motor Company (Nissan).

HP Introduction

An analysis of HP’s competition and competitive advantage. ? Competitive advantage is a feature exhibited at the expense of the firm’s rivals…

Tsingtao Marketing Strategy

Four parts analysis, we know that Tsingtao beer now has some advantages and disadvantages, as well as they need to face the…

Evolution Of Management Theory

Management as one has seen above is under constant development. It always has more room for change for its own betterment.

Theories on Employee Relations

Unitarist, Pluralist and Marxist perspective have been described for understanding and analyzing employee relations.

Euro Disney Case Study

From the Euro Disney’s failure in the initial stage, we should realize deeply that cultural factors play enormous role in the process of expanding overseas…

Five Driving Forces of CSR

An essay on the driving forces of CSR. CSR is the positive steps an organization takes in the way it functions, to give benefits to the community, and ways in…

Globalisation and Workplace Diversity

In the past two decades, globalisation has greatly increased. It has had a significant impact on the management of businesses.

ASDA Human Resource Management

The objectives of this report are to stimulate the Human Resource Management, Human Resource Planning and Development, and Performance of ASDA.