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Example Health Literature Reviews

Hygienic Practices among Food Handlers

Aim is to assess the level of hygienic practices among food handlers dealing with fleshy foods and vegetables in the Mahebourg market.

Control Strategies for Chlamydia Trachomatis

This chapter provides the background discussion of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) focusing on Chlamydia trachomatis infection since the study…

Health Literacy and its Impact on Health

Health literacy was relatively a newly emerged concept in health promotion research, various problems that are associated with the health literacy…

Infection Control Practices in Nursing Homes

Literature review on the infection control practices in the Nursing Homes most particularly in the United Kingdom. It is well known that the elderly…

Patient Safety Culture in Healthcare

With the spotlight being shown more and more these days on the health care profession, one area that has received particular attention is that of…

Effectiveness of Breast Feeding Techniques

Vijayalaksmi [2008] conducted a study and investigated the effectiveness of appropriate breastfeeding technique in prevention of nipple sore to the…

The Effects of Menopausal Symptoms

57% of postmenopausal women perceived menopause as convenient. 69% of them complained of diminishing abilities after menopause.

Rise of Obesity in the US

Obesity is on the rise both in the US and internationally. In the US, many factors have contributed to the rise in obesity including dining outside…

Safer Pregnancies in the Philippines

Prenatal care is important not just for pregnant women but also for their unborn babies. Maternal difficulties such as diabetes and high blood pressure…

Barriers to Smoking Cessation

A review of current and relevant literature was done to assess current smoking cessation policies and initiatives, barriers to accessing treatment for…