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Example Construction Literature Reviews

Assessing the Issue of Delays in Construction

In general, delays are among the most common problem will happen in the building construction industry which may occur in a simple or a complex projects.

Barriers of Contractor in Implementing IBS

The objective of this study is further discussed about the barriers of contractor in implementing IBS. Besides that, this chapter also will focus on the…

Construction Site Waste Management Plan

Waste management is now a carefully controlled and regulated process. These controls have been introduced in response to environmental damage and…

Lean Principle in Malaysian Construction

A study into the effects and barriers of implementing the lean principle in Malaysia construction industry. The Malaysia construction industry is…

Recycling of Construction Materials

This chapter is literature review on the study of recycling of construction materials in construction industry. This study was undertaking more specific…

Construction Industry in Sri Lanka

The aim of the research is to identify the relationship between. Occupational Health and Safety and, Absenteeism of Women Labourers in the Construction…